Student Testimonials

  1. Burc Tanir

    Before attending the lectures, I was almost only proud of my start-up idea and its originality,design,etc. Now, after the lectures, I am totally proud of my team and our potential to execute our idea. This realization changed quite a lot in our road-map & strategy, and hopefully will help us to succeed . Thanks a million for this big change & thanks for being a great teacher, mentor, critic and friend.

  2. Yasin Murat Yigit

    I met Ms.Özkan at Boğaziçi University’s entrepreneurship class. From my point of view, here are some of my notifications which turned that class into a unique value for me:
    – is always friendly, natural and helpful to students. That makes us behave in a natural way back too, improving communication.
    – encourages individual ideas to meet each other in class and lets them form new unique alliances,
    – emphasizes regulary the importance of art (design concept) on innovation, reminding me one of my favourite college professor’s quote: “When you climb higher and higher on the mountain of quantum physics with the help of complex calculus, and are lucky enough to be able to reach on the top of the mountain..what you will see beyond the science pure art…”
    – recommends us short release cycles for our products/services and avoiding perfectionism, allowing us gather customer feedback faster and more effective.

    And lastly but most importantly for me:
    I discovered a new way of thinking and acting in which “Creativity and Systematics” feed each other in a paradoxical cyclic Nikola Tesla’s “Day and Night” inspiration on his induction motor, Genrich Altshuller’s “To Be and Not To Be” inspiration on his TRIZ(Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) and Benoit Mandelbrot’s “0 and ∞” inspiration on his fractal geometry.
    I would like to thank for all of her great efforts,

  3. Salih Oztop
    Before Gulay Ozkan’s course, it was just an idea, but now I have the courage for execution.

    At the beginning, my execution plan was for 2 years long however after her favorite quotes “Speed is Everything” and “Idea without execution is nothing”, I converted it to a six months plan. Now, my short term plans are weekly and long terms are monthly.

    Next week I will establish my firm BusinessAnalytiX in an advance market,UK.

    Thanks a lot to your passion for Start-ups.

  4. Mustafa Karabas, Istanbul Development Agency

    After having the chance to participate in Gulay’s entrepreneurship class, I’ve once again confirmed my belief that entrepreneurship should be taught by practitioners like her. A quote of Napoleon Hill, the famous author of “Think and Grow Rich”, is as if defining her: “Action is the real measure of intelligence.” and she is full of action. She is not only promising hopes, but also warning about down-slopes in a balanced way. The 3 most important highlights remaining in my mind from her class: Understanding the ecosystem is vital. A team to run quickly is more important than the idea itself. And design thinking!

  5. Fulya Taylan
    I met with Gulay at entrepreneurship and innovation courses held by Boğaziçi University.

    Gulay is a very energetic entrepreneur, mentor, teacher and friend. In her entrepreneurship courses, she regularly emphasizes the significance of ecosystem, networking and being fast. She always motivates each student as an entrepreneur, gives value and importance to their business ideas and helps them to improve their ideas and business plans. She gives very precious and up-to-date tips and tricks on how to be a successful start-up company which are not written in any book. She creates a very dynamic class environment during the lectures. One of the major take home messages she gives is to focus on always positive side.
    I would like to thank Gulay for her mentorship and friendship.

    6.Ozcan Cezan

    “This workshop was the first ever workshop I’ve experienced under the topic of innovation and entrepreneurship. It was a perfect example of seeing how people deal with personal barriers such as taking risk or not. You are there with a number of people that you barely know. It was amazing to see how in such a short time, the group understood that taking risk and being the first one to act or take the first yet the most important step forward is not bad or complicated. The more we believed in this process and let our minds be free, the more we became creative and started to enjoy ourselves. Overall, it was a new, mind-opening and joyful experience. It gives you the chance to understand entrepreneurship in action.”

    7. Samuray Terzioglu

    “This  workshop was such an experience for me. It was really interesting. Initially, I was shy and asked myself why I was participating in this. What would it be useful for? But later on, I felt better and ventured out of myself and got involved in the workshop. You learn about yourself and your character and understand whether or not you are an extrovert.”

    8.   Anonymous

    “My ‘a-ha’ moment during the workshop came when we all communicated during the exercises because we usually don’t communicate during classes. Instead, we got to know each other much better after this experience.”


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