About the Program

“Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.”
George Bernard Shaw

Courage to Create a Business is an entrepreneurship program that has been though at Bilgi University MBA Program, Bogazici University, and Ozyegin Universities in Istanbul, Turkey. The program is based on the concept that is designed by Gulay Ozkan

What makes this program unique?

Traditional entrepreneurship education very much focuses on idea/project and preparing a strong business case whereas in this program, developing entrepreneurial and creative approach is considered as important as the idea and the business case. The teaching methods in the program developed by Gulay Ozkan are based on drama coaching techniques which focuses on guiding students to discover their own creative and entrepreneurial skills.  The program concept is designed based on both art and business disciplines. Besides providing basic tools of entrepreneurship education, creating awareness on importance of  proactive and “doer” personality in entrepreneurship world is one of the targets of the program.

Entrepreneurship is defined as a life-style in this program. Therefore, the program very much focuses on learning dynamics of this life-style rather than theoretical business or management information.

Program Structure

We see the program itself as a new venture lab. Our main target is establishing “a can-do culture in an enjoyable environment” in the program instead of one-way communication. Based on this concept, student participation has the highest priority among all the targets.

Learning in the classroom is not just about memorizing information. There is three-dimensional learning between the instructor and the students. Most of the exercises and homework are designed to make sure that students interact with each other. This is what is missing from most of the programs I have seen so far. Experience sharing between students is more important and effective than the information they gather from the instructor.



In this program, diversity is taken as one of the pillars of creativity. Therefore, all details are arranged to enrich diversity.

  • There is a 50% quota for women.
  • There are students both from engineering and the social sciences. In project teams, the groups must contain women and students with different backgrounds.
  • Guest speakers are invited from different markets as well as different backgrounds in order to show different approaches.
  • Failures and successes are positioned at the same level of recognition.



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