Received 99Percent 2012 Award

“The Courage to Create a Business” design-driven entrepreneurship and innovation concept was designed in 2008. Since then, I have been teaching the concept in Bogazici University and Bilgi University MBA programs. Ever year, I have added different components to the concept based on student’s feedbacks as well as my experience in the market.

The concept basically covers three dimensions: ecosystem, entrepreneur and idea.  In the ecosystem module, we focus on realities on entrepreneur’s country and whether they are aware of the “start-up game”. In the entrepreneur module, Instead of telling who the students should be, this concept encourages students to understand who they are and discover their own entrepreneurial patterns.  The concept of creativity in this module is based on developing creativity through acting. In the idea module, the methodology is design-driven idea development. Here, we use design thinking methodologies from Stanford D.School  to develop the projects.

A picture from design-thinking workshop-idea development

The class evaluations showed that the concept is quite succesfull and encourages students to start their own businesses. 4.91 out of 5 of students would like to take a similar class. Other comments can be found here.

The entrepreneurship class has been received international recognition. In May 2012, It was awarded the99Percent fellowship by Behance Network in New York because of its innovative approach. It is featured in GOOD Magazine and recognised by IDEO. It was also the theme of DMI Night Out  in September 2012.

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