Necati Özkan, Founder and President of Oyku / Dialogue International

Necati Özkan is a senior entrepreneur and definitely a first-timer in several areas in Turkish business world.  During our lunch meeting,  I was delighted to learn the way that he designs his businesses. His talk in our entrepreneurship class will cover his entrepreneurial experiences as well as his future projects.

He is founder and president of Öykü/ Dialogue International;a creative agency with offices in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey. He is also co-founder of KapitalMedya which is one of the leading B2B publishing house and FikriMuhim, which is the first Word-of-Mouth Marketing Agency of Turkey. He is also managing partner of NeoBiz Digital Agency.

He graduated from Military College, studied law at the Ankara University and marketing at ODTU.Mr. Özkan has published numerous articles about marketing, destination marketing and political marketing. He is author of4 different books, titled “Election Winner Campaigns“, that analyzes the successful political campaigns of Turkey, titled “Leadership Secrets of Obama”, that analyzes lessons of 2008 US Presidential campaigns and books titled “Election Time 04 and Election Time 05”. Mr. Özkan is the vice president of EAPC (European Association of political Consultants).

He blogs at & and can be followed on twitter at @necatiozkan

Necati Özkan’s talk will be at 8pm at Bilgi University Santral Campus @ room E3 – 216 on Monday March 26th, 2012. Please follow me on twitter at @gulayozkan for the updates

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