Entrepreneurship from different perspectives by Ziya G. Boyacigiller

Ziya G. Boyacigiller, Investor/Entrepreneur/Mentor makes early-stage investments in innovative technology-driven start-up companies (in Silicon Valley and Istanbul) and works with the founding teams to help grow their companies (USA: Formative Ventures, Aeroprise, FusionOps… Turkey: AirTies, Artesis, Vistek,…).  He is a consulting member of Endeavor Turkey, Golden Horn Ventures, and Inovent. He also teaches MBA students entrepreneurship, at Sabanci University, Istanbul.  He is the co-president of the National Innovation Initiative/Financing of Innovation workgroup in Turkey.  Until October 2000, he was a Business Unit Vice President / General Manager at Maxim Integrated Products – a NASDAQ 100 semiconductor company (MXIM).  Mr. Boyacigiller joined Maxim in 1983 when the company was started, as a founding partner, and served in various technical and executive management capacities for 17 years, helping build the company to over billion dollars in revenues.  Prior to Maxim, he worked at Intersil Inc. and designed state-of-art mixed-signal CMOS integrated circuits, including the world’s first digitally calibrated 14-bit data converters. In the late 1970s, he started E/Z CAD Inc., a pioneer in the PC-based electronics design tools industry.  Mr. Boyacigiller holds an MSc in Engineering from UCLA, and a BSEE from Bosphorus University, Istanbul.  His current mission is to help to create and develop a world-class, technology-based entrepreneurship environment in Turkey.

Ziya G. Boyacigiller is an important figure in Turkish entrepreneurship “market”. We are happy yo have him as a guest speaker in our class.

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