Leading security company PRONET’s CEO Alp Saul is the guest speaker


Alp Saul

In 2002 he found   Next Generation Media  A.S. which is active in the newly developing  digital signage field.  The company  makes content and advertisement broadcasting over digital screens in places that are open  to the public, such as Shopping Centers, airports, Metro stations,etc.

In 2006, Pronet group decided to get into the Security Guarding field and established Pronet Security Consulting and Services A.S. to be active in the Security Guarding field.

Currentl y, Alp Saul carries out the duty of CEO and Head of Board of Directors of these 3 companies . He is also the Chairman of GESIDER (Security Industry Industrialists and Businessman Association), a board member of TOBB Genç Girişimciler Kurulu and a member of Endeavour  Consulting Comitee. 

He was chosen to be among the 5 finalists in “Enterpreneur of the Year” contest which was organised by newspaper Milliyet and Ernst&Young in year 2007. Alp Saul is married and a father of two children.

 Alp Saul, born in year 1971, has graduated from  Robert College in 1990 ,and received his B.S. Degree   from the University of Virginia, U.S.A, Department of   Mechanical Engineering in 1994.    After completing university,   together with his two friends he found Pronet Security System  ltd. which designs , installs and services electronic security systems  for the residential and commercial applications.

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